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The Basics

Peter DeLuise on IMDB
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Peter DeLuise on Wikipedia
Peter DeLuise at ScifiPedia
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Relatives on the internet

Anne Marie Loder, Peter's wife, fan site
Anne Marie DeLuise (ne้ Loder), fan site

Dad Dom DeLuise, the official site. It also has a page about Peter

Younger brother David DeLuise, fan site


Stargate Atlantis on Wikipedia

Robson Arms - DeLuise was in season 2 (2007)

21 Jump Street fan site by Cyndi Glass - everything you want to know about 21 Jump Street. Has an article about the DeLuise family, "Larger Than Life", and an article about Peter, "Dom's Son Peter DeLuise juggles a job on 21 Jump Street and Life With A Wife 1,078 Miles Away".
Brazilian 21 Jump Streeet fan site - has photos and profiles of Peter and Penhall
21 Jump Street on Wikipedia"
21 Jump Street fanpage on MySpace
Doug Penhall on MySpace
21 Jump Street 0906 - on MySpace.

Marianne's SeaQuest DSV Fan Site
seaQuest Screen Captures and Sound Files
About seaQuest DSV
seaQuest DSV on wikipedia
Dagwood on Wikipedia
Dagwood in the seaQuest Museum

Interviews & Chats

Sci-Fi Talk with Peter DeLuise - Tony Tellado talks with Peter DeLuise.
December 2007. Also available as MP3

Interview with Peter Deluise on The SciFiWorld
September 2006. Also available as MP3

DeLuise Family Interview on TSW - Peter, David and Michael in one interview.
December 2005. Also available as a wav file.

An Actor's Director - Gateworld
October 2005. Also available as MP3

seaQuest: Peter & Michael DeLuise - Profile by Bob Andelman.

Fan Sites

Multi-Talented: The Peter DeLuise Fanlisting
Peter DeLuise on Topix

The Peter DeLuise Army on MySpace
Peter DeLuise Fan Group on MySpace
Peter DeLuise For President another MySpace fan club
Peter DeLuise Fan Group on MySpace. Almost too tiny to list, but what the heck!


Report from Constellation Chevron1
Including great photos of Peter, David and Michael. And a funny one of Peter as the guardian angel of Chevron1. has a page of photos from 21 Jump Street that includes Peter DeLuise, plus a page of black & white 21 Jumps Street photos


Peter DeLuise Fan on MySpace - NOT me!

21 Jump Street on Jump the Shark